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The acid etching or satina process is the removal of silisyum particles from the surface of glass using acid. In this way microscopic cavities occur on the glass surface and due to the refraction occurring in different directions our eyes perceive the glass to be white.

It's greatest advantage against sanded glass is that it does not allow fingerprints and that it's cleaning is much easier. It has a much finer surface compared to sanded glass.

Our satina products are usually used in the interior decoration and furniture sectors. We can process clear float, extra clear, tinted ,reflective glasses and mirrors as a satina glass.

Our satina products can be tempered, curved , and laminated.


Max. Size: 2500 x 3210 mm, Max. Thickness: 19 mm

Min. Size: 1605 x 2250 mm, Min. Thickness: 3 mm

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