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EFTCG Cam is able to process fully tempered and fully tempered laminated glasses with the quality of Glasstech technology. Curved laminated glass is produced with the vacuum technique.

Our quality meets the needs of architectural, automotive, shower cabin standards.

Curving diversity can be classified as; Silindiric and J-Type.

If you have different dimensions out of our feasibility, you can contact with your sales representative.


If you have different dimensions out of our feasibility, you can contact with your sales representative.



EFTCG Cam produces bullet proof glasses under EN1063 standarts.

Bullet-proof glasses protects individuals against firearm attacks: Generally a multilaminated assembly,contains thinner polycarbonate against non splitting of glass cracks.If it is required,layers of multilaminated assembly can be used tempered.The various classes according to EN1063 are determined by the type of weapon and immunition.



  • Bullet-proof glasses generally dissymmetrical and only bullet-proof if positioned facing the correct direction.

  • When assembling a laminated bullet-proof glass in insulating glazing,the laminated glass should be positioned on the side opposite the potential impact.

Our Test Certificated Products Table


PVB thickness 0,76 mm.
Polyurethan thickness 0,76 mm.




Lamegla is the trademark of laminated glass of EFTCG Cam.Produced by combining two or more panes of glass with polyvinly butyral (PVB) or ionaplast (Sentry Glas) interlayer(s).

When broken tends to keep splinters in place therefore minimizing the risks of injury caused by broken glass.Therefore it is called safety glass.Lamegla is produced under EN14449 standard.

Laminated safety glasses prevent (EN12600) or slow down (EN356) break-ins depending on the thickness of PVB,Ionaplast and glass and the extend of the attack.Therefore,it is recommended to use,

  • Shop windows,

  • Overhead glazing,

  • Glazing up to 80 cm above floor level.

  • Glazing from floor level to ceiling( without any frame in between).

  • Glazing in doors and glazing adjacent to doors as well.

Laminated glasses can be reduced up to 97% UV radiation, which causes fabrics to fade due to PVB and Ionaplast layers.If the UV transmittance is required for the places such as botanic gardens, the UV transmitted PVB and Ionaplast are available.



Maximum thickness: 80 mm, Size: 2600 * 6000 mm


1. Static and mechanic calculations are belong to OUR CUSTOMERS. We, EFTCG are not responsible wrong definition of the combination of the laminated glass units.

2. Storages and handling conditions of laminated glass units at the construction site are severely important. Laminated glass units should not be exposed the conditions like rain, snow, chemical, v.s and excessive humidity and different tempurates. Storing laminated glass units should not be done directly on concrete or soil floor, in wet and damp rooms.

3. The edges of the laminated glass units, if any the edges of the holes should be protected from both wet air and liquid contact. We, EFTCG is not responsible for any defects that may occur if this protection is not done.

4. Horizantal or vertical tranport of laminated glass units should be carried out on a smooth way under suitable conditions.

5. Laminated glass units should not be exposed to mechanical impact. 



Toughening process,

  • Involves heating and cooling treatment whereby high compressive stresses are set up at the surfaces with balancing tensile stresses in the center.   

  • Improves the glass strength against impact and thermal stress loads.

  • Keeps the original volume, chemical composition, color and clarify of the glass.

Tempered glass is approximately 5 times stronger than annealed glass against impact. Tempered glass is appropriate for using as safety glass because it matters into small, blunt edged fragments, which reduce the risk of injury.

Certain "tempering patterns" which are only visible under some lighting conditions and distorsions within allowable bow&warp tolerances are normally accepted as an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of heat treatment and not a defect.

Tempered glass may have "spontaneous breakages" due to nickel sulphide particles inside float glass. To reduce the risk of "spontaneous breakages" Heat Soak Test is available in our facilities under EN14179 standard. The heat soak test only reduces the risk, it never eliminates.

EFTCG Cam tempering production is under EN12150, and heat strengthened production is under EN1863 standard. 

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 15-38-55 EFTCG

Minimum Size: 300 * 300 mm (for each thickness)



There is three type marking for fire proof glass classification.

  • E = Flame resistant,product keeps its integrity.

  • W = Limited radiation,avoids radiation within its time.

  • I = Isolation,not to transfer the heat to another side within its time.

The available periods are 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 minutes.

Screenshot 2021-06-14 at 15-45-27 EFTCG

The thickness of fire proof glasses varies according to exterior or interior applications. If a fire proof glass is used for double glazing unit,it is obligatory that fire proof glass has to replaced against possible fire danger.

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